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Making Your Next Project Easier

Drag 'n Drop to Create a Beautiful Gantt Chart

TeamGantt gives you the ability to quickly and easily plan your project through simple Drag 'n Drop. Creating a gantt chart for your next project is simple! Once you have created your project, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you thought ahead and have a plan to guide you along as you go.

Track your Progress

Updating your progress as you go is simple. Simply edit your percent complete or have others in your project update their progress. This ensures that you always have a current gauge on how your project is progressing.

Communicate with Your Team

Good communication is critical to the success of any project. That is why we incorporated simple task commenting, directly in the gantt chart. Leave a comment on a task and optionally have that comment emailed out to others in your project.

Share Files

Upload your documents and images to tasks in TeamGantt. Having your project's documents accessible directly in your gantt chart makes things really easy. Others in your project can simply click to download.

Manage Resources

You have the ability to assign one or more resources to tasks. You can then filter tasks based on resources to make sure that resources are properly managed and are not overloaded or under used.

View Multiple Projects in One Chart

We realize that you may be responsible for more than one project. You can view multiple projects in one chart, allowing you to get the big picture. You can also manage resources across multiple projects and make sure that schedules do not conflict.