Here are just a few of their neat stories...

Mark Lamb organized a race to raise $132,000 to help fight human trafficking

World Concern is a Christian global relief and development organization. With their supporters, their faith compels them to extend life-saving help and opportunity to people facing the most profound human challenges of extreme poverty. At World Concern, the solutions they offer, the work they do—with the help of others—creates lasting, sustainable change. Lasting change that provides lasting hope.

The Free Them 5k is a World Concern event that helps to raise awareness and funds to stop human trafficking in places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. You can read more about the race here

"TeamGantt completely changed one our most important events, the Free Them 5k. It helped to organize us in a way that had huge tangible results. Our race grew from around 1,000 participants the last two years to almost 2,000 this year and raised an additional $25,000. TeamGantt is a major reason for this success and we’re excited to use this resource on all our future events."

We are excited to have been able to play a part in this event. If you would like to support this great cause you can donate here.

The Solar Jackets design and build solar racing vehicles with TeamGantt

The Solar Jackets, a student organization at the Georgia Institute of Technology, design and build solar racing vehicles to compete in national and international solar car races. They seek to develop teamwork, leadership, and innovative thinking by providing training and hands-on experience to students in solving real-world engineering problems. Their solar car projects promote cross-disciplinary learning and interaction, and necessitate engineering excellence, leadership, and teamwork from all students involved.

Here is what The Solar Jackets had to say about why they decided to use TeamGantt. "The process of building a solar car requires coordinating dozens of students designing and fabricating numerous mechanical, electrical, and composites components. A detailed Gantt chart is crucial to ensure these mutually-interacting components come together on schedule for our races. The unique collaboration features built into TeamGantt are extremely beneficial in this regard, and provide us a logistical edge over our competition."

Ryan Carson launched a new startup that teaches people how to code

Treehouse is the highly successful startup that is changing people’s lives by not only providing a low cost, high quality way to learn web design, development, and iOS technologies, but is actually helping people get jobs once they complete the course!

Ryan Carson wanted to use TeamGantt to get the big picture on his project. They were timing their launch with their big FOWD conference in New York and wanted to make sure that they were able to launch in time. Ryan was recently interviewed on Founders Talk and discussed how he had contracted developers to work on his new startup. If a developer started to slip and run behind on their task, he needed to see how that would affect the rest of the project. He used TeamGantt to create dependencies between tasks so that he and his team could easily see what would happen to the end date of their project if any one task was pushed back or delayed. This was critical in order for Treehouse to launch on time.

After launching Treehouse Ryan had this to say about TeamGantt. "We love TeamGantt. We couldn’t have launched Treehouse successfully without it!"

Jon Crawford manages new projects for his online store platform and marketplace

Storenvy is the world's simplest full-featured online store platform. Get your own customizable online storefront, build a brand, and save money to grow your business. Also, the Storenvy Marketplace lets you discover unique stuff from creative businesses all over the world. Shop over 13,000 online stores, support independent businesses or open your own store for free in minutes.

"I was really glad to find TeamGantt. I'd been looking for a way to visualize all the projects we have going on at once at Storenvy and this is perfect. We use TeamGantt to help us set realistic goals, gauge our progress, and see how the resources of the team are being applied. The gantt chart is the law. If a team member comes to me with a new idea they'd like to start working on, they have to convince me to remove something else from the Gantt chart in order to free up the resources. It's our way of keeping ourselves honest."

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