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Business John

Colors are something generally used to differentiate one task from another. That could be showing a separation in importance, who’s assigned, or even phases within a project. I wanted to take a look at the data in TeamGantt and see if the color of a particular task plays any role into whether or not the task […]

Video Production Jason

So you’ve shot all your footage, mixed that sweet, clean dialog, finished your final cut, and finally buttoned up the color grade you’ve been obsessing over for probably way too long yet something still feels … incomplete. The story is solid, the visuals look great but it’s missing some emotion. Cue the music. It’s all […]

Gantt Charts Brett Harned

The following post is an excerpt from our “Guide to Project Planning” download it now for more info on how to build a great project plan. When you’re working on a project with a client or even a product owner, it’s critical to be 100% sure they understand all of the details your team has discussed. […]


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