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Project Management Brett Harned

Read through just about any job description for project management jobs and you’ll find “Motivate the team” as a part of the responsibilities. It’s a persistent part of any PM job—no matter the industry or type of project you’re working on—yet most project managers struggle with how to motivate their teams. After all, how can […]

Leadership Brett Harned

Leadership is a term that is truly hard to define. it not only means different things to different people, we also feel differently about it. There are tons of books, articles, guides, videos, etc. on Leadership–and how to be a good leader. Those are all great resources to help you figure out what leadership means […]

Leadership Brett Harned

Project managers often struggle with leadership—and where they can find appropriate opportunities to be true leaders. it makes sense, as most project managers do not have any direct responsibility for the people on their teams, but they are expected to manage and motivate teams to deliver projects on time and under budget. For that reason […]


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